Abbreviated List

Candelabras, Candlestands,
Votive Holders, Lanterns, Sconces

   Silver, black wrought iron, brass, wire, etc.

Arches, Arbors, Trellis, Chuppahs
   Beautiful Arbors that fit over tables
   with many accessories including
   chandeliers, hanging votives and
   lanterns, etc.

   Garden “Stone”
   Wrought Iron (Cream-White Patina)
   White Wood
   Corinthian Marble Finish 

   Various Styles, Sizes, Finishes

Arches & Arbors

Garden Urns
   Garden “Stone”
   Cream White Weathered Patina

Topiaries (Silk Ivy)
   Ivy, 1-2 Balls, Cones
   18”-63” Tall, white lights available

Architectural Elements with Shelves 
   for Candlesticks, etc.

Candle Sconces, Stands, Sticks
   A Variety Available
   Silver, Brass, Glass
   Votive candle holders, wall or table.
   Lanterns, Hurricane Glass Shades
   Many styles

   Small, Large, Wall or Standing
   Classical Designs, Architectural Interest

New accessories are being added every month. Please call or email to get a complete list and prices.

Forte’s accessories are made from authentic looking materials and are chosen for our client’s desire to have accessory props that appear natural to give the background screens depth and charm.

Forte’s plastic accessories are painted to simulate a variety of stone, marble, weathered iron and white woods with interesting patinas.

You may rent accessories without renting a background.

We can customize our accessories to your specific needs and tastes.